Orcs are a huge tribe in Midgard and are bigger than Normans in both size and strength. Their skin is mainly green, although advanced Orcs do feature a blue hue to their skin tone. They are brutal fighters with a noticable underbite to their face that show their big fangs. While their forging skill seem to be rather primitive, they compensate the weapons weakness with brute force. Orcs view Normans as their biggest enemy and usually attack them on sight.

Home City - Glaze

Glaze is a flourishing big city and home to the civilized Orc tribe. There are some Orc Villages scattered throughout the land, which are usually inhabited by primitive Orc tribes that may even attack civilized Orcs.

Available Jobs

Racial Skills

Murderous Frenzy - active
Increases attack power by (0.5*Job Level + Base Level).

Hardening - passive
Duration of Stun effects reduced by an additional 15%.

Mastery - passive
Damage dealt by pets and homunculus increased by 5%.

Axe Specialization - passive
Raises Attack Power that ignores Def by 10 when using Axe type weapons. This damage ignores modification from Armor and VIT defense, but not from Elemental and Card modifiers and applies to all hits for multi hit attacks.
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