Elves are the main race of Alfheim. They are advanced in the ways of culture and civility and have very long lifespans. The Elven race pitied the primitive Normans and sought to help the race advance by teaching them the ways of their people. So proud and almighty were the elves that they failed to notice signs of rebellion from the Normans. One elf sage name Kvasir foresaw the fall of his people and used his knowledge of magic to forge the Orb of Kvasir in order to save the elven race. But his orb came too late, as the Normans allied with the Dwarves to overthrow the Elves and take over the kingdom of Geffenia that the Elves established on Midgard. As a result, the remaining elves scattered to the far reaches of Midgard, but not before a powerful magic locked their world away from the Normans. Their numbers dwindled over the years and are now on the verge of extinction. The Orb of Kvasir is the aggregate will of the ancient race of Elves and was made to protect them from any and all threats. It was created by the greatest of Elven sages, Kvasir, who foresaw the end of the Elven race and wished to save it. In the end, the orb was unable to save their citizens and so continues to guard over those who no longer exist. It doesn't seem to react aggressively towards intruders anymore.

Home City - Eclage

Alfheim "The Homeland of the Elves" is, as the name suggests, the realm inhabited by the elves. Eclage city, created around the giant tree, is the Laphine tribe's main base and also home of the last Elves survivors, created to confront the Sapha tribe in Jotunheim. Eclage is situated in Alfheim, which is connected to Bifrost's north field. Bifrost Treetop, which is linked to Bifrost, can also be found in front of Eclage, linking Alfheim to Jotunheim. Roads were built throughout the city so flightless races such as the Elves could travel through it easier.

Available Jobs

Racial Skills

Elementary Fortuity - active
Enchants a weapon random with the Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Ghost, Shadow or Holy element. There is a chance of weapon breakage upon enchantment. You will need a Blacksmith or a Repair NPC to repair the weapon.
You must have a Red Blood, Crystal Blue, Wind of Verdure and a Green Live in your inventory. After usage of the skill, one of the four catalysts would be used in respect to the element that was just placed on the weapon.

Mystic Flow - active
Silence all enemies within a range of 5x5 cells for 2 seconds and restores (25+1.5*Base Level)% of your SP.

Magic Resistance - passive
Reduces the chance you will be hit by spells by 2%.
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