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Chains Of War
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About This Guild

This is an example for your personal Guild community! Create a public or private guild forum to build and administrate your community! The perfect way to promote your guild! What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

  1. What's new in this guild
  2. Why don't you promote your personal guild events? Handing out some of your precious treasure chest loot is always a good way to let your members know that you're big daddy! With your moderator options you're even able to shedule your events.
  3. Set your guild to private, and start inviting your ingame Guild Members to your community! The more you involve your members to your hearts content, the higher the chances that everyone is going to stay on your side when it gets tough.
  4. Create a lovely 🏯 welcome topic, to get your new members involved. Share your ideas, thoughts, or anything else that you're up to, this is your forum!
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